About Us

We provide process optimisation, process control and knowledge integration solutions to maximise profitability in the mining, minerals, metals and process industries. To achieve this we focus on:
  • Sustained measured benefits for the customer
  • Keeping abreast of related current technologies
  • Maintaining a strong focus on developing and nurturing domain expertise in the industries we are active in
  • Providing effective solutions where both domain expertise and mastery of technology are required

To engineer the best solution for a specific application requires a mastery of the latest process optimization, process control and knowledge integration technologies. We have strong skills in the following areas:
  • Advanced Process Control (APC)¬†
  • Optimisation Technology
  • Knowledge Integration
  • Modelling
  • Software Development
  • Change Management


  • Model Predictive Control
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Process Optimisation¬†
  • Soft Sensors
  • Data Analysis and Modelling
  • Process Modelling and Simulation
  • Process Diagnostics
  • Training Simulation