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Prime Release Notes (Release, 26 October 2012)

posted Oct 26, 2012, 2:26 AM by Jac Steenekamp   [ updated Jan 22, 2013, 11:44 PM ]
  • Add new function blocks: ForwardTransform, ReverseTransform and SampleSignals
  • Refine ability to reroute connections on the designer canvas
  • Add checks to make sure all connections in projects are valid
  • Add code to generate events to connections downstream when a function block's properties (name, result names/description/data type) are changed
  • Fixed a bug in the MIMO editor, where the models are copied regardless of what the user chooses from the dialog box
  • Add code to Scripting function block to auto update script when input/result names have changed
  • Redesign the RemoteBlockReader Configuration menu:
    • Add an Engine Browser
    • Fix a bug were it was impossible to change the server connections details after first connect
  • Make small performance improvements on the OPCClientRead/Write function block’s configuration menu
  • Made some improvements to the QDMC function block:
    • Add CV Noise Suppression column to the CVs datagrid
    • Add DVInUse input
    • Add code to handle all checkboxes in CV/MV/DV datagrids differently. In the past you had to press enter to affect change
    • Add additional validation for MV +/- ROC and Resolution
    • Improve animations on datagrids
    • Improve the way validation is done on CV Normal/Hi/Lo References (Test against values in grid and not in object)
  • Add code to Designer's BlockConfig to delete an input mapping when "Delete" key is pressed
  • Add code to asked user to save project before closing the designer