Based on our experience and success in the Mining, Metals and Minerals Industries, we offer packaged solutions for crushing, milling and flotation circuits.


PrimeCrush - Prime 5 Crusher Control Solution

  • Maximise throughput
  • Achieve and maintain choke feed

PrimeMill - Prime 5 Mill Control Solution

  • Discharge sump density and flow control
  • Power/Load Optimisation

PrimeFloat - Prime 5 Flotation Control Solution

  • Stabilise levels in the circuit
  • Mass pull control
  • Maximise recovery at a specified grade

We have successfully implemented APC solutions in the Pulp and Paper industry. We offer the following packaged solutions:


PrimeKiln - Prime 5 Kiln Control Solution

  • Temperature profile control
  • Minimise heat consumption
  • Maximise throughput
  • Improve product quality